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Is Pull Scheduling right for you?

Sep 30, 2015
  • Lean Construction

Age-old construction practices are adapting to new Lean Construction based trends. Building Information Modeling, Integrated Project Delivery, Pre-fabrication, and Pull Scheduling practices shift the focus from individuals, to the collaboration and mutual success of the entire project team.

Pull Scheduling betters traditional scheduling by taking team collaboration to a completely new height. Known for the use of post-it notes and storyboards, Pull Scheduling brings all team members together to optimize the schedule by starting from the client’s desired end date. Pull scheduling not only saves time, but it also decreases the unnecessary waste of material and trade labor.

In March, AMHigley successfully completed a 16 patient room renovation at Southwest General Health Center finishing three weeks early by using Pull Scheduling. The same project team began a 32 patient room renovation last month and Pull Scheduling was their obvious choice for the project.

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