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AMHigley facilitates construction education through a jobsite tour

Mar 15, 2016
  • Community Service

For a number of schoolyears, The Albert M. Higley Co. has undergone a seven session training course with the Architecture and Project Management class at Auburn Career Center. The design of this course builds from the career center’s hands-on training, while allowing the students to enhance their communication skills in a real world business setting. AMHigley aims to teach the students that their future industry is very competitive, and success is not just about creating value, it is about communicating that value in every interaction.

Session 5 allows the class to interact with a project team outside of the classroom. This year, the AMHigley, Hawken Upper School team that is completing a 52,300 SF academic building addition, hosted a jobsite tour with the students. The class was able to see the jobsite trailer, ongoing site work and in-progress construction. The tour followed a safety briefing and ended with an in-depth question and answer session and lunch. The Auburn Career Center students appreciated being able to see a job in progress and hearing from an experienced construction staff. The project team, including Project Manager Bob Jensik and Senior Superintendent Terry Clemas, enjoyed being able to share the challenges and triumphs the face on a daily basis.